Sunday, August 01, 2010

When considering a new Alt in EvE Online.

Cybernetics to 4 is a must. The effective gain in learning skill attributes is worth it. The equivalent effect in learning skills required to match the bonus cybernetics 4 gives you is approximately 3 days worth of dedicated training in the learning skills. Plus you can still train the learning skills for additional savings on training time.

Typically, by this time, I have an idea on what I'm going to be doing with the alt and how long it's going to take, both with and without the neural remap. When I have such an idea in mind, I usually focus on getting the training for the particular role I have chosen and follow EvEMon or EVEHQ's directions on it as far as learning skills go. If I had decided to burn a neural remap to speed up cybernetics, I train ALL the intelligence/memory and memory/intelligence based skills before I remap again so as to not waste the remap.

The primary learning skills get lined up if I don't have any idea what the alt is going to be doing (which doesn't happen often). Admittedly, some of these will already be trained when you follow the cybernetics training plan, but that's just a bonus.
  • Instant Recall III
  • Analytical Mind III
  • Instant Recall IV
  • Eidetic Memory III
  • Analytical Mind IV
  • Logic III
  • Eidetic Memory IV
  • Instant Recall V
  • Logic IV
  • Analytical Mind V
  • Eidetic Memory V (optional)
  • Logic V (optional)

The skill actually called Learning may prove to be of some benefit to get to 4 intermixed within these skills. I haven't tested.
After this, Perception and Willpower are focused on, as they are the next two most common attributes on skills. Charisma is largely neglected because of how few skills actually have it as an attribute compared to the other four.

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