Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blaster Boats, The Deimos Done Right

Another Tech 3 ship design I threw around the idea of making was a blaster fit Proteus. Basically it's the Deimos done right.

[Proteus, Deimos Done Right]
Proteus Offensive - Hybrid Propulsion Armature
Proteus Propulsion - Localized Injectors
Proteus Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Proteus Electronics - Friction Extension Processor
Proteus Defensive - Nanobot Injector

5x Heavy Neutron Blaster II (Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M)

10MN Afterburner II
2x Cap Recharger II
Stasis Webifier II

2x Armor Explosive Hardener II
Armor EM Hardener II
Damage Control II
2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Medium Armor Repairer II

3x Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

5x Hammerhead II

Simple concept, Blasters, enough afterburner to catch up to your target, a webber to keep it pinned down, and some drones to help out. It maintains about 600-700dps worth of damage output and an omni tank of about 350-360dps with full capacitor stability. It's not too bad a ship.

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