Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because titles suck.

And Hulks rule.

Matt really gets to test his Hulk hardcore today. I get to take him and mine out a few belts completely alongside Phil at about twice the speed he was mining last week.

Once the server comes up, I'm going to fit him for mining yield and get started devouring belts like I do every Sunday.

Might even pay for his plex today.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Of Plans, Queues and Other EvE Nuttiness.

Ok, rundown.

Corporation is all set up. We even have offices for item exchange.

Matt gets his Hulk on Monday. That will double his mining yield straight up. From there, the first skill he's going for is Scordite Processing 4. Need to use those specialty crystals QUICKLY. After that, it's all mining yield related skills. Mining Upgrades will probably be the first skill after Scordite Processing.

Blake is going through annoyingly long skills to improve mining yield by 0.7-2.0% at a time. Those are going to be extra obnoxious until I get him access to +4 or higher implants (4 days for the +4 and another 18 after that for +5 probably going to skip the +5).

Dale is about a week away from being able to fly an Obelisk. Not sure if I want to buy him one now or just save up for one later. Freighter Level 3 is likely going to be the minimum for him.

Phil has absolutely no real target anymore. With the Corporation set up the way it is, he has no role that needs to be filled, so he's just going to be working on random certificate plans like Armor Tanking.

When the skill queuing system comes in, a lot of these plans are going to be so much easier to manage it's not funny. Some of the skill batches will have 7-8 skills taking less than a couple of hours, requiring skill juggling that would be tedious without the queue. Shame it won't be in place until March.

Matt's mining plan will definitely take him well past the release of the next expansion (and hopefully the release of the skill queue) so most of the little skills will get trained with minimal intervention from me. But that will be the case with all of my characters.

At least mining yield is going to be up along the way.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Foreman links.

Blake has his mining foreman links now and is working on skills and equipment to make them more effective.

Warfare Link Specialist
Mining Director
Industrial Command Ships

Mining Foreman Mindlink.

Good fun for more mining yield.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm an uncle.

Joshua Stewart Anderson
Born Feb 1, 2009 in the afternoon (3ish).