Saturday, August 07, 2010

Things EvE might not NEED but could use, part 1.

Larger secure containers.

Industrial grade secure containers. Just like the normal secure containers already in the game, however built for deployment by bigger ships.

Required skill for all of them (new):
Industrial Anchoring.
Training Time Multiplier: 5x
Primary Attribute: Memory
Secondary Attribute: Charisma
  • Anchoring 3
  • Industry 3

Small Industrial Container
  • Volume: 10,000m³
  • Capacity: 13,000m³
  • Mass: 20,000,000kg
  • Signature Radius: 6,000m

Medium Industrial Container
  • Volume: 20,000m³
  • Capacity: 26,000m³
  • Mass: 40,000,000kg
  • Signature Radius: 8,000m

Large Industrial Container
  • Volume: 30,000m³
  • Capacity: 39,000m³
  • Mass: 60,000,000kg
  • Signature Radius: 10,000m

EvE Might not actually NEED these, but I do know that they would get used if they existed.

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