Sunday, August 08, 2010

Things EvE might not NEED but could use, part 2.

Upgrades to mining barges and exhumers.

One thing that the mining barges and exhumers could use since the introduction of specialized bays is a dedicated ore bay on each ship. Honestly, with the specialization that these ships have, it makes sense at least to have them have such a cargohold.

Proposed numbers:
Procurer: 3,000m³
Retriever: 4,000m³
Covetor: 5,000³

Skiff: 6,000m³
Mackinaw: 8,000m³
Hulk: 10,000m³

Ideally, mining in any of these ships would put the ore directly into the ore bay first, then into the main cargohold, but that's just a little extra nice thing.

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