Sunday, August 01, 2010

A tale of two Tengu. Part 1: The Damage Magnet.

From concept to deployment.

I've been half obsessed with strategic cruiser design lately. To that end, I've been designing a few ships to use within my fleets.

The first Tengu I designed was intended to be a rock solid tank. Something that, if pressed, could function within level 5 missions as a primary damage sink.

I knew that there would be a lot of capacitor draining effects in level 5s, and even outside of that, relying on capacitor would be problematic and would need a LOT more skills to get working right, so the choice is simple. Passive Shield Tank.

The basic Fit:

[Tengu, Damage Magnet]
Tengu Defensive - Supplemental Screening
Tengu Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection Bay
Tengu Propulsion - Intercalated Nanofibers
Tengu Electronics - CPU Efficiency Gate

5x Heavy Missile Launcher II (Scourge Fury Heavy Missile)

2x Magnetic Scattering Amplifier II
Explosion Dampening Amplifier II
3x Large Shield Extender II

5x Shield Power Relay II

3x Medium Core Defence Field Purger I

This fit at its most basic level has about 250-300dps worth of damage output and about 750-800dps worth of omni damage absorption. The typical effective hit points of such a fit will usually fall in the 60-80k range. Granted, this is overanked, but if you take the fit and try to do Shipyard Theft - Angel Cartel (Level 4 mission) in a crazyman playstyle (grabbing EVERY NPC ship you can all at once), you WILL blow up. Trust me on this, I almost lost mine with deadspace resist amplifiers. If it weren't for the two marauders I had picking off the biggest hitters in the pocket, he would be down a tengu AND a skill level for it. As it stands, he got out of there with the low shield warning basically constantly going off for about 45-90 seconds.

Skill-wise, it's pretty straightforward. Just train the Passive Shield Tanking certificate to the Improved grade, Shield Rigging to at least 4, and the Cruiser Advanced Heavy Launchers certificate to standard grade. Once you have those, focus on the social skills to improve mission rewards and finish up the missile support skills to get as much damage output as you can out of the puny little launchers.

I'll admit it's not the best Tengu, but it's one that works for me.

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