Saturday, November 17, 2007

What should be my objective for arena s3 day?

I'm trying to decide between having my objective for Alenrak be getting to 70 by arena season 3 release or just go for 59.

Getting 59 gets me access to Alterac valley (which gives me the option of that daily quest for more bonus honor every time it comes up) but getting to 70 gets me a pile of new gear, complete battleground access, and my flying form.

Honestly, until I have enough honor and marks to get the core of the PVP set, I'm probably going to pace myself. There's a 75,000 honor cap currently. I can get the entire core set of gear (gloves, shoulders, leggings, helm, chestpiece) with that assuming I have the marks necessary to do so. The total honor needed to get the core 5 pieces is 65,250. After that I need another 47,494 for the boots, bracers and belt. After looking at the price breakdown for the gear, you can quickly see how 220k honor can get spent JUST on gear.

Fun thing is, I need a second one of those mainhand weapons, which adds another 25,200 honor and 20 Eye of the Storm marks to the total.

Just for the record, all pvp armor costs the same. Not all weapons cost the same.

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