Friday, November 23, 2007

Another one with genuine outlands access.

Last night I got Alenrak to 58. I haven't taken him through the outlands introduction quests yet, because I want to follow this leveling guide I have as closely as possible. Level 60 is kinda a safe bet to get the power leveling going.

I've been leveling a bit off and on with my friend trying to get both toons to outlands. It gets tedious, but we are able to take on higher level quests than we could alone.

I'm not sure if I should pvp bracket farm or just level to 70 and be done with it. The choice isn't that easy to make right now. One thing's for sure. I'm going to get at least SOME Alterac Valley done today on him. I need 50 AV marks and it's AV weekend.

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