Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting Alenrak to 60.

I've basically decided to get as close to 60 as possible on Alenrak before I take him to outlands.

I'll just burn off the quests that I have on him over the next day or so and make sure I at least get TO 60 before I actually take the walk through the portal. The walkthrough guide I have for 1-70 recommends being at least level 60 when you start in on the outlands quests. I'm going to follow it.

All I really need to do is complete all the quests I have in my log right now and then I'm done getting to 60. After that, it's a turbo run to 70. Completing the quests in blackrock depths is going to be interesting, considering the build on Alenrak right now.

One way or another, level 60 isn't that far off for me. I'll worry about the PVP bracket farming later. 1.5 levels isn't that hard with the new quest experience reward totals.

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