Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So close.

Blake gets the final skill to get his orca in the morning. By the time I get to actually use the orca, Blake will have level 2 industrial command ships. Yay for more cargohold.
Less problems for the staging area if it has a larger cargohold to buffer with if it lags behind. It'll also mean for quicker handling of mission belts and their related ores.
Still need to train the last level of leadership to get the mining foreman links and start in on skills like the warfare link specialist (to help improve the effectiveness of the warfare links.

Dale has started sorting out the corporation. Got a set of roles set up for the jita alts already. Need to get him sorted out with ethnic relations to get a few of the other alts sorted out.

Not sure where Matt and Phil are going to land through all of this, but once I figure that out, we can really get working on hardcore stuff.

40k m³ shared cargohold + 38k m³ hauler + 70k m³ spare cargohold = LOTS of staging area during a mining operation. 70km tractor beam range is also helpful in those pesky mission belts.

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