Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alrighty, The plan for this week.

First up. Blake gets into his Orca this Wednesday. I'm going to have the skillbook waiting for him down in Jita before he actually needs to be in the ship. Probably set that up Tuesday morning.
Second. Phil is going to be training for the assault ship class frigates. One of the two skills he needs will finish Wednesday. The next one he needs will get till the 7th of Feb.
Third. Matt's skills set him up so that he's not even looking at anything new till the 8th.
Fourth (and finally). Dale gets his level 4 salvaging on Thursday. After that, he gets into skills relating to support for the ship, including capacitor capacity and recharge as well as anchoring (for containers to expand his cargohold) and some other support skills for his ship (including stuff all the way up to microwarpdrives). Dale has a lot of conflicts in his plan, so salvaging 5 will be mixed in to get the gap time until I have other long skills to train.

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