Thursday, April 26, 2007

Slowly getting things sorted out.

Ok, progress going on:
  1. Chojiro is level 65 with a lot of quests to go before 70 becomes an issue.
  2. Chojiro also is at the final stage of his Onyxia attunement. Getting it just to have it.
  3. Shotakumi is working on getting to the 30s in order to be able to use the scarlet set.
  4. Rhakeem is also working on getting to the 30s for the same reason (which is a bit longer a wait).
  5. Telorin is working on getting to 50 for master tailoring.
  6. I've got my sound system fully functional through my main system, so now I have voice chat going as well as regular sound on my main system.
  7. I have xfire, ventrilo and teamspeak clients working on my system. Guild events are going to be easy to voice chat with.
  8. I've updated my site at to include my xfire mini-profile.
  9. I'm getting closer to having my money sorted out enough to get a bigger hard drive for the main system. The joys of free space.
Things to do afterwards:
  1. PVP Rewards for Chojiro. The cheap mount is definitely worth it, and it wouldn't hurt to get some of the gear too.
  2. Telorin to 58-60. Gotta get usable in outlands sometime.
  3. A bunch of other stuff.

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