Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting closer, but in a way getting farther away.

I'm now at 14669 of 21000 reputation to get exalted so that I can get the cat mount. The big problem is that I've been burning through ammunition so fast that I'm almost out.

I should probably take a break from this reputation grind and get some money for ammo (and a few stacks of ammo while I'm at it) but I'm probably not going to do that until I'm entirely out of my current ammo.

Of course another option I'm exploring is powerleveling my Druid Alenrak to level 47 so he can get the morrowgrain quests and then have him make all the morrowgrain and send it over to Chojiro.

I'll probably figure something out, as there are still 85 turn-ins of 75 rep left to go. 20 Runecloth or 10 Morrowgrain per turn-in. At least I know of places to farm Runecloth and have enough Un'Goro soil in the stash to get me at least a few turn-ins of Morrowgrain.

I'll probably burn off a level or two of rested bonus across my other characters this week. Good times.

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