Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hard to believe how long I've been away from this

But I've managed to get a lot done in the past 10 months.

First up is that EvE Online has almost booted World of Warcraft out of the "most played" spot on both of my xfire accounts. It is probably going to happen by the end of September this year given my current play habits (63 hours a week, about 500 hours left to topple, it'll take about 9 weeks).

I've got 3 accounts with Tech 3 cruisers too. Two Tengu and a Proteus. Missiles, Missiles and Drones.

A while back I ended up with 2 accounts having Marauder access. Torpedo Golem and Pulse Paladin. The torpedo Golem can maintain almost 1000DPS with rage variant torpedoes against 0% resists. The pulse Paladin isn't much behind that at almost 800DPS with Conflagration ammo. After Blake's current skill queue, I'm going to finish off some skills to get him more damage output.

My mining yield with a third hulk gets into the 4mil m³ range in 12 hours of mining.

Planetary interaction is buying me more time by earning me money with minimal interaction. It adds up to good fun and an account or two paid for just with it.

Mission salvage is definitely paying for a chunk of my accounts as well.

I checked my mineral stockpile at my manufacturing hub and I really need to either build massively or clear it out. Building massively will probably involve me getting another freighter blueprint kit and building one. I'll probably just sell the minerals and get another account paid for or something like that.

It's also going to be a hot week for me. I expect to be buying a few 1.5L bottles of water along the way to keep myself from getting sick.


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