Saturday, March 14, 2009

Of mining and other profit.

Ok, EvE has been extra fun lately. I've been mining about 600k m³ of ore a day since Tuesday. That totals out to over 2mil m³ over the first four days. With the scale I mine at, each hundred thousand cube adds up to about 10 million ISK. I've basically been mining over 60mil a day this week.

I've got eleven days to go to get my PLEX for the two accounts, and I've got a 200mil head start. Each PLEX is 300mil. I think I can get them paid off this week, which gives me a whole week of play time that I can spend doing other junk or paying for new toys.

Phil's going down towards Marauder class ships with a side trip to heavy assaults.
Dale's going towards logistics then an orca (bigger cargo for mining binges)
Matt's focusing on mining for a bit longer.
Blake's working on maxing out his mining foreman junk.


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