Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The kind of asteroids it takes to make me...

Take more than 6 minutes before the asteroid goes boom.

50-60k unit asteroids of that type last for about 12-15 minutes. Typical asteroids last 3-6.

I made about 38 million mining today. Yield is up somewhere between 8% and 12% from yesterday (based on rough calculations).

Gonna be able to haul about 20k m³ on my second account early on in tomorrow's mining binge. Probably sometime before I actually start mining. Longer breaks between hauling back to the station means less worries about me being distracted.

I can hardly wait to get to the orca with its 120k-140k m³ combined total cargohold. It's going to make mining so much easier, especially since it basically flat out adds an additional 10% mining yield. With the right implant, there will be yet another 15% additional yield. It's going to add up quick.

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